Part walking tour, part love story, NY_Hearts offers people a new way to discover NYC by stepping into the characters’ shoes. Set in four different NYC neighborhoods, participants enjoy drinks and other surprises from local businesses, which are integrated into an audio story shared over mobile devices. Supporting story extensions of the audio story include: character websites, online character vlogs, original music and visual art.

The first part of NY_Hearts launched in the Lower East Side as part of the Game Play Festival by The Brick Theater in July 2012. Part two begins April 19, 2013 in Park Slope.




Bar Toto
bar toto


NY_Hearts creator James Carter is an experience designer playwright and producer. He was a founding member of terraNOVA Collective and its associate artistic director for eight years. He also served as season producer for The Ensemble Studio Theatre. Recent transmedia plays include FEEDER: A Love Story (terraNOVA/HERE, NYC) and NY_Hearts: LES (One Muse Presents & The Brick Game Play Festival). For more about James, visit his website onemuse.com or follow him @jdcarter.


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