Opening Night Party!

NY_Hearts: Park Slope launched last night at Babeland on Bergen Street in Brooklyn. We had a great time and want to thank Babeland for offering such a wonderful evening. Thanks to our killer creative team, especially Carlo Albán, who plays Sal. Most of all, thanks to our fans for showing up. Can’t wait for you all to go through the experience.

We kicked things off with some champagne, and experience designer James Carter shared how NY_Hearts came to be. He recapped the story from last year in the Lower East Side and set up the Park Slope leg. Then, we listened to the second part of Park Slope, which features Babeland. The performances ended with Carlo Albán singing “Hit,” the original tune by Shaun Bengson and James Carter, which is also in the story.

All our guests, of course, received the special surprise gifts featured in the Babeland portion of the story. And one lucky winner walked away with big bag of toys and goodies from our sponsors for answering the trivia question from the Lower East Side part of the tale:

What were the two kinds of art Jill from NY_Hearts: LES created?

The first person to tweet the answer to @NY_Hearts wins two tickets to the experience.

Thanks, again, to Babeland and all our fans. Love you loads!